Our story

The Riva Rafting Center was one of the first companies in Croatia to deal with the concept, organization, and execution of services related to active holidays for groups and individual travelers, as well as team building.

Our team at the Riva Rafting Center has worked for many years on and around the Zrmanja River, an area that has a wealth of potential tourist destinations and activities we talk about active holidays, team buildings, sports and rural tourism. The Riva Rafting Center’s headquarters is located directly on the Zrmanja River in Kruševo, near the city of Obrovac, and is strategically positioned at a crossroads between Croatia’s National Parks. 

Our Offers

Besides our standard offer of activities, sports, and adventure and rural programs, the company is continuously expanding, establishing and organizing new sporting events in order to establish a regional market for tourism in the Zadar hinterland.

We are constantly expanding our programs by innovating new forms of tourism and adventure in the Zrmanja, Krupa, and Krnjeza river canyons, on the southern slopes of nearby Velebit mountain, on the seaside and in the underground caves this region is known for.

Additional info

We are the leading company for rural tourism activities and adventure holidays in Zadar County and Croatia as a whole.

Because of our extensive knowledge of the region’s difficult terrain and unique wildlife our company was contracted as a wilderness consultant for the Discovery Channel adventure series “Man, Woman, Wild“.

Team building

is an important factor in any business environment.

Our special team building activities focus on bringing out the best in each individual member and the group as a whole. We work to ensure self-development and positive communications and the development of management skills and the ability to work together as a team, especially regarding problem-solving and working under pressure.

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