Kayak Safari

Experience the beauty of Zrmanje

Each participant will receive the following equipment: neoprene suits, protective helmets, life jackets, and must bring the following: a bathing suit, an extra T-shirt and shoes for water or old sneakers in which you can go into the river. After getting equipment and instructions by the skipper, you will be able to experience the 14.5-km long kayak trail. Depending on pace and physical fitness, the trip can last from 2,5 to 4 hours.  Our goal is that each and every one of you experience and enjoy the activity of your choice to the best of your ability!

We have Kayak Safari daily tours, meeting point Kaštel Žegarski. Tours start at 9am, 9:30am and 10am! Call us any time!


  • 300 kn

    without lunch

  • 330 kn

    with lunch

  • Children under 12 years:
  • 150 kn

    without lunch

  • 220 kn

    with lunch



Leisurely– Tourist tour the upper part of the canyon
From 4 to 40 people* more groups on day
2:30 – 4 hours

Route planner

Start of the trip is in Kaštel Žegarski, official start of Kayak / Rafting.  After meeting your group, we are ready to proceed with our trip by getting to know your skippers. Before entering the water you will get instructions what to expect in the canyon and how to behave.
09:00 Check-in on Official Start | Kaštel Žegarski
09:30 Start the trip
2:30 – 3:00 sata – duration
… the arrival to exit point
… return to your car
… instructions to go to lunch or return home


Not included. Take a look


Not included. Take a look

Take with you

Additional T-shirt – which goes under the vest, Extra shoes for the water or old shoes, Towel, If you want you can take mobile phone, camera, sunglasses, sunscreen to protect from the sun and stored in a waterproof box that you get at the start of the track. We recommend: Take min 0.5l water / juice, food (fruit and / or sandwich)

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