From 01.07.2017. in the rural estate „Mićanovi Dvori“ we offer back hours riding in manège and field riding near the rural estate.

The riding school takes place every day from 17:30 to 21:00 o’clock. The age limit for children is 8 years. The riding school can be in two languages Croatia and English, and it is possible to attend group or individual classes, depending on ambitions and previously acquired knowledge.

Field riding (from 01.08.2017)

If you are a lover of nature and spaciousness and want to spend an ideal excursion in untouched nature, we have field riding for you. Field riding lasts 1 hour. It is necessary to undertake short training in the manège.

Horse riding

Horseback riding includes a professional guide for all ages.

Price list:

Back hours riding:

1 h riding (riding in field) –  150,00kn

1 h riding (riding in manege) – 80,00kn

30 minute in manege – 60,00kn

Walk for children (15-30minuta) – 30,00kn

Horseback riding school:

30 hours of riding – 2500,00kn

Small horseback riding school:

10 hours of riding – 1000,00kn

Special Price:

500,00kn – 5 riding in week in the agreed terms.

Age limit:

Minimum 10 years for riding in the field.

Minimum 5 years for riding in manege with two instructor guide.

Horseback riding school includes:

  • Get to know your horse
  • Horse psychology
  • Horse anatomy
  • Cleaning horse
  • Feeding the horse
  • Gear up horse for riding
  • Riding in manege
  • Riding in field
  • Basic training of rider

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